Heaven on Earth!
Transform your fear, pain and uncertainty into a gift... 

A Journey in Spirit, heart, body and mind

On Earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. Solemn promise sharing joy with all our relations creating Heaven on Earth!

You have more power than you can imagine. God answers.

Pointing the finger at another is pointing the finger at oneself. Remove your fears and hate. Forgive if offended. Embrace and never let go when joy is in your heart.

Although we are all Homo Sapiens, similar beyond any words reflections and feelings we have; This world reflects back in newspapers, TV, photographs video, Internet, friends, family, loved ones and enemies how HUGE our differences are. Turn your fear into compassion and forgiveness, being thankful that you are, was, were and being.

Redemption through Jesus is the way to realization. Angels cheer knowing God is pleased.

God sex love children joy calm natureLessons on thought and time and how the past is rejoiced, for it is our every moment  to release the mechanism of God's will.God sex love children joy calm nature

love is god joy is god's will release it now donateMission: Heaven on Earth.

Having loved ones with shared dreams of inter-dependence, with energy, water, food, care, and life itself via self- sustaining ideals shared, mirrored, felt, sanctified, within a learning community. Nurtured, protected, championing change, multiplying throughout
USAlove is god joy is god's will release it now donate